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Craft Elixirs syrups can be added to your favorite recipes and cocktails. We've compiled a bunch of our personal favorites for your pleasure and inspiration.


Our recipes are organized by the unique flavor profiles of our syrups.  You can navigate our recipes by using the pop-out menu to the right, or peruse our recipes in their entirety below.





A basic Simple syrup, Craft Elixirs Seattle Simple syrup can be used to enjoy the effects of our infused syrups without added flavor.

Our syrups can be used for baking or flavoring, add to coffee, tea, or even sweeten your oatmeal.

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simple  syrup

Seattle  Simple

The Wanderlust is the strong desire to travel or wander and explore the world by foot, vehicle  or imagination. Craft Elixirs, located in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood, tributes this sweet n' peppery flavor to the locals... for obvious reasons.


strawberry / peppercorn

The most humble of all tributes the quirky, fancy, big, small and totally chill coffee shops that ground our neighborhoods and give them life. Our coffee & chicory infused syrup is so dreamy on everything like French toast, ice cream, ice coffee, try drizzling on bacon or drink by itself.



coffee  /chicory



Bagley  Ave.  Brew


pineapple / lime / jalapeño

What is the mystery of the Green Dragon?  Dragons captivate our imaginary mythical history. Verdita Dragon also means Green Dragon. From far east Asia, many moons ago, a tincture of cannabis was made by soaking the flowers, leaves and stems in alcohol. The chlorophyll from the plant made the liquid green. Our Verdita Dragon can fly and delivers powerful heat. The euphoric effects will enchant your inner Green Dragon.

Verdita  Dragon


habanero / smoke

Central Seattle Represent! Our habanero smoky syrup heats up the city streets of Capitol Hill. Use this syrup like a hot sauce. Add to BBQ sauce or make your own. The fiery red color comes from a local Seattle producer of smoky spices. Experience a sweet heat and sweet high.


Capitol  Hill  Heat


blueberry / orange

We discovered blueberries taste good with everything. Tribute to our neighbors in North Seattle, the Ballard neighborhood beat welcomes new bands and hip to the most intimate musical venues.

Ballard  Beat

Seattle  Baked  Pear

Seattle  Waldorf  Salad

- pears

- cinnamon

- nutmeg

- 1 to 2 tbsp syrup

- vanilla bean ice cream

Bake organic pears in 350 degree oven for 35 minutes. Slice pear while still warm after baking. Drizzle 2 Tbsp of Seattle Simple syrup on a plate with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, swirl mixture on plate. Add desired amount of vanilla ice cream. Add warm pear. Enjoy!

- 2 to 3 apples

- 2 to 3 celery stalks

- 1 cup walnuts

- 1 tbsp mayonnaise

- 1 to 2 tbsp syrup

Chop 2 to 3 apples in bite size chunks with 2 to 3 celery stalks. Try local favorites like Honeycrisp, Gala or Granny Smith. Toast 1 cup of walnuts and toss all ingredients together in a bowl with 1 Tbsp of vegan mayonnaise and 1-2 Tbsp of Seattle Simple syrup.

Strawberry  Peppercorn  Vinaigrette

Wanderlust  Sundae

- 1- 2 Tbsp syrup

- 3 Tbsp oil

- 1 Tsp vinegar

- salt & pepper

Make a lovely strawberry vinaigrette salad using your favorite local organic greens, onions, tomatoes, nuts & crumbles of cheese. Dressing: Whisk together 1-2 Tbsp of Craft Elixirs Wallingford Wanderlust syrup, 3 Tbsp oil & 1 tsp vinegar. Toss vinaigrette into salad. Finish with a dash of large grain salt & fresh ground pepper.

- ice cream

- 1 to 2 Tbsp syrup

- strawberries

- lemon zest

Add 1 Tbsp of Wallingford Wanderlust syrup to the bottom of a cup or glass. Add 1-2 scoops of ice cream & sliced local organic strawberries. Drizzle 1-2 Tbsp of syrup to top off the sundae. Grate fresh lemon zest for an additional burst of flavor.

Creamy  Banana  Pancakes

Muffin  Cake  Surprise

Nut  Butter  Toast

- pancakes

- banana

- syrup

- 2 Tbsp cream (if desired)


Make a batch of pancakes using your favorite pancake recipe. Chop 1 organic banana to top pancake. Drizzle 1-2 Tbsp of Craft Elixirs Bagley Ave. Brew syrup.


Whisk 2 Tbsp of cream or non-dairy creamer & 1 Tbsp of Bagley Ave. Brew syrup. Drizzle cream mixture over plain syrup mixture for an extra creamy layer.

- muffins or coffee cake

- 1 to 2 Tbsp syrup

Make a batch of muffins or your favorite coffee cake recipe. While still cooling from the oven, poke holes in top of muffin cake. Drizzle 1-2 Tbsp of Bagley Ave. Brew syrup over and into the muffin cake holes for a delicious & moist surprise.

- bread

- nut butter

- syrup

For a wonderful Fall treat, toast a thick slice of your favorite bread from the local bakery. Spread nut butter on the toasted bread & drizzle 1 Tbsp of Bagley Ave. Brew syrup & swirl toppings together.

Verdita  Soda

Pineapple  Jalapeño  Tacos

Hot  and  Sweet  Bruschetta

- sparkling water

- 1-2 Tbsp syrup

- lime(s)

Take 1-2 Tbsp of Craft Elixirs Verdita Dragon syrup & mix together with 6 oz of sparkling water for a spicy soda. Add organic lime slices for an extra zing.

- taco(s)

- 1 Tbsp syrup

Create a taco using your favorite recipe, or purchase one from your local food truck. Drizzle 1 Tbsp of Verdita Dragon syrup inside taco for a hot, refreshing kick.

- Bruschetta

- 1-2 Tbsp oil

- 1-2 Tbsp syrup

- sea salt

Make a plate of Bruschetta using your favorite recipe. Mix together 1-2 Tbsp of your favorite oil & 1 Tbsp of Verdita Dragon syrup. Drizzle oil & syrup mixture on finished Bruschetta. Finish with large grain sea salt for a burst of flavor.

Habanero  Goat  Cheese  Dip

Bloody  Caesar

Fresh  Sammy

Mozzarella  Melt

- goat cheese

- 2 Tbsp syrup

- black pepper

- crackers, sourdough bread

- roasted red pepper

  Bruschetta (if desired)

Gently mix goat cheese, 2 Tbsp of Capitol Hill Heat and 2 dashes black pepper in a bowl.

Place in microwave on low for 1 minute. Spread on crackers or fresh sourdough bread.


Stir in a small amount your favorite roasted red pepper Bruschetta for an extra layer of flavor.

- celery salt

- ice

- 1-2 Tbsp syrup

- Clamato Juice

- Worcestershire

- celery stalk

-lime wedge

- smoked Gouda


Coat rim of a tall glass with celery salt and fill with ice. In a shaker mix 4oz. of Clamato Juice, 2 dashes of Worcestershire sauce and 1-2 Tbsp of Capitol Hill Heat together. Pour into glass. Garnish with celery stalk, lime wedge and chunks of smoked Gouda.

- 2 slices bread

- olive oil

- roasted tomato

- fresh mozzarella

- 1-2 Tbsp syrup

Coat 2 thick organic bread slices with olive oil. Add roasted tomato slices, fresh mozzarella and drizzle 1-2 Tbsp of Capitol Hill Heat. Place Sammy in toaster oven until bread or you are toasted.

Caution - when eaten or swallowed the intoxicating effects of this drug may be delayed by two or more hours. This product contains marijuana. Warning - this product has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. This product may be unlawful outside of Washington State. Craft  Elixirs LLC UBI 603342397


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Blueberry  Iced  Tea

Orange  Blueberry  Glaze

Blueberry  Parfait

- hot tea

- 1-2 Tbsp syrup

- ice

- blueberries

- orange slices

Add 1-2 Tbsp of Craft Elixirs Ballard Beat syrup to hot tea. Add ice, blueberries & orange slices to make a refreshing alternative beverage.

- 1-2 Tbsp syrup

- 2 Tbsp powdered sugar

- 1 Tbsp melted butter

- pastries

Mix 1-2 Tbsp of Ballard Beat syrup with 2 Tbsp of powdered sugar & 1 Tbsp of melted butter. Whisk ingredients together at low heat until completely mixed & glossy. Lightly glaze organic pastries, muffins or scones.

- ice cream or yogurt

- blueberries

- 1-2 Tbsp syrup

- orange slice


Take 1-2 scoops of ice cream or yogurt & a hand full of fresh, organic blueberries. Layer fruit & ice cream in a parfait glass. Top with 1-2 Tbsp of Ballard Beat syrup. Add an orange slice for garnish.